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Through extensive research and clinical experience, we have developed our e-profiling platform over a number of years. By completing an online sensory assessment, you will have a better understanding of your Sensory Intelligence®, in other words how the world around you affects you from a sensory point of view.

Our e-profiling tools include

Senses on Call™


Sensory Matrix™

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Developed specifically to establish whether people have the ideal environmental-fit to work in call centres.





Helping people to understand themselves and the people around them and how to use their profiles to make work and life easier.

Once a sensory assessment has been completed online, a report is generated and e-mailed immediately. The reports are easy to understand and do not need professional interpretation.

Our current assessments are appropriate and designed for ages 12 to 65. The recruitment products make use of the Adult Sensory Profile, designed by Winnie Dunn and Catana Brown, USA under electronic licensing agreement of Pearson Inc.

The Sensory Matrix™ was developed by Dr Annemarie Lombard, South Africa, 2005 and is used for profiling prior to any of our Staff Training and Development tools.