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March 2011 - Adapt to High Performance

Organisations are constantly looking for engaged, resilient staff. But how do we get the right people on board, continue to motivate them, grow and succeed?  How do we achieve this while the workplace of today is drastically and constantly changing?  With technological advances, international de-regulation, global competition, mergers/acquisitions, downsizing and restructuring organisations have to work extra hard to keep their heartbeat (people) strong, ticking and in harmony. This while the prevalence of stress and related illnesses have a high incidence not only in South Africa, but also globally.

How do we measure high performance in the workplace? Are performance appraisals really the benchmark for the efficiency and output of an organisation? While this is the alpha and omega for some, I believe those who look beyond performance rating and into the heartbeat of their organisations will find the answer.  The heartbeat of any organisation is surely their people, and although infrastructure, technology and systems are crucial, the people component remains the enigmatic and definitive factor to ensure a sustainable, effective and profitable outcome. See for yourself.

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How can SI benefit your organisation?

· Improve individual performance and productivity by empowering people to understand and manage themselves better, according to their unique sensory profiles

· Improve teamwork, staff engagement and collaboration by helping colleagues to understand themselves and each other better, by acknowledging the different sensory profiles

· Reduce unnecessary distractions in an open plan work space to create an environment that allows for increased focus, attention and productivity for longer periods of time

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